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Return of the Jedi: Why it's my favorite

Of all the Star Wars films, which I all absolutely love by the way, none leave me as satisfied and happy when I end watching them as Return of the Jedi does. It's probably one of the most epic, and it undeniably is the most important tipping point of the Star Wars saga. I think that theirs a reason why Ryder Windham's excellent biographies of Luke, Anakin/Darth Vader and Obi-Wan's all start right before Return of the Jedi, and all of the other movies previous to it act as a flashback: It's ultimately the moment when the final fate of the galaxy is decided. And in a lot of ways, I think it has some of the most memorable scenes of all the films. In particular Yoda's death, Obi-Wan's last talk with Luke, Luke revealing to Leia their parentage, and the whole fight with Darth Vader, Luke and the Emperor, are really among the best in Star Wars.

The movie itself acts as the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Chosen One, and in more general terms, an ultimate battle between good and evil, in which eventually good prevails. It acts as the ending of the story, even if we are going to have three other movies told after this one (Which I hope doesn't screw up the ending of Return of the Jedi).

Many fans tend to complain about how the Ewoks ended up defeating the Empire, but the Ewoks didn't  actually win if you come to think of it. They simply needed to penetrate the shield generator on the forest moon of Endor, and make it explode in order for the second Death Star be destroyed, along with  the important members of the Empire. The Ewoks helped the outcome of the war, but they didn't actually win.

Ultimately the fun of Episode VI is to see how the story comes to its epic conclusion. And for some reason, every time I see the Ghosts of Obi-Wan, Yoda and Anakin smiling and looking at Luke and the others in the end, while the Victory Celebration plays in the background, is just...wonderful. It's one of those moments that I like to live over and over again, and leaves things so nicely wrapped up it makes me incredibly happy to watch it. That is why Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, is my personal favorite Star Wars film.

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  1. These are my thoughts as well! If I were forced to watch only one Star Wars film, it would be Return of the Jedi without a doubt.

    Every reason you listed is why I love the film as well. The scenes with the Emperor, the spectacular space battle, the glorious finale, the end celebration; this truly is the greatest of all the Star Wars films, and my favorite film of all time. And that's a huge achievement because all the Star Wars films are spectacular.

    The Force Ghost scene at the end is beyond words, it transcends film and reached into a deeper part of the soul. John Williams once again proves he is fantastic by scoring the absolutely flawless masterpiece Victory Celebration, which fits the whole Saga much better than Yub Nub, which was still a fun little song. Seeing those force ghosts appear, and then seeing Anakin smiling at Luke and Luke smiling back at the end while the Rebels celebrated and the music swells up is my favorite moment in all of Star Wars. It's as if everything is right with the universe. This last scene of the Star Wars saga is a moment of true bliss. :)