jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012

Entertainment Weekly to spoil details on the future of Star Wars

According to the EW website, tomorrow EW's magazine will hit the stands with the cover seen above. It will supposedly include and interview with the Executive producer of the new Star Wars films, Kathleen Kennedy, and will spill the details of what is yet to come. What really annoys me of all of this is the fact that they apparently will include a section which talks about what the fans want (and what they don't want), due to the fact that it's probably going to include a polarized point of view. Similarly to how they said that supposedly the fans didn't like the prequels (which is next to being a complete lie), they might say that the fans want to see the Thrawn trilogy adapted into the next movies, when that is not neccesarily true. Their are plenty of Star Wars fans (including myself) whom find the EU stories set after Return of the Jedi to be absolutely horrendous, and other Star Wars fans who simply don't even read that stuff. The second bulk of Star Wars fans are primarily the people on the ages from 28-14 years old, due to the fact that they grew up with the prequels, but they probably were too young or weren't even born when several EU books and comics set in that time period were released. They are more likely to actually ''get'' Star Wars as seen from George Lucas's vision (on contrary to some fanboys who are somewhat old and don't get it). Not to mention the new generation of 10-6 year olds who became fans thanks to The Clone Wars. Anyway, George apparently doesn't like what those stories did in that time period, and wants to make an original story in this set of movies. I won't be capable of buying this magazine tomorrow due to the fact that I live in Colombia, not the US, so I'll have to stick to whatever EW.com spills over the internet tomorrow.

Anyway, I hope that some nasty internet rumors are cleared out of the way with the interview that follows.

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