domingo, 3 de marzo de 2013

Star Wars Vacation

Well folks, I hate to break it to all of my loyal readers and fellow Star Wars fans who enjoy the six films as much as I do, or probably even more. But the truth is, I am in the state of a much-needed Star Wars vacation.

Star Wars to me used to be an entertainment franchise that I really enjoyed being a fan off. I still enjoy it. The problem now is that the spin and unexpected turn of events that have taken place in the last few months have been so life changing that quite frankly, I need some time to separate myself from all the paranoia and rumors and uncertain fate that the current franchise of Star Wars is in.

I'm fairly certain that The Clone Wars will return in the fall of 2013. I really see few evidence to the contrary. But at the same time, with a bunch of different projects coming along the way, the future of Star Wars is beyond uncertain. Now with Ahsoka gone from the Jedi, it's just too much for me to handle.

Way down deep inside me, something died the moment I saw Ahsoka walk away from the Jedi Temple. I'm not sure what it was. I do know however, that it's kind of sad Ahsoka's Jedi training was never complete. She could more or less handle a fight with General Grievous, but that was about it. It's depressing to think that at this point Ahsoka might loose her abilities to use the force, much like how Lorian Nod lost them in Legacy of the Jedi. At the same time, their are some parallels that I see within my own life and that of Ahsoka's. When I saw the Clone Wars movie, and we all were introduced to Ahsoka, I was just about to enter the 8th Grade. I was far more innocent back then, similar to how Ahsoka was. Now that I am in my senior year, and about to graduate from High School, the time has come for me to move on and begin my life at a university, perhaps in the United States, far from my home country. In that sense, Ahsoka is moving away from home also, with the difference that she will likely not come back, unlike myself.

For now I guess, it's time for me to dedicate myself to other more important matters. I won't leave this site permanently, but I won't be posting as often as I used to do. Once my mind is clear, and things in the Star Wars community aren't as messy as they are, I will return. For now at least, May the Force Be With You.

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