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Top Star Wars Characters 70-61

Sorry folks, but I have been extremely busy lately and I haven't made it back to this blog in a while.In order to calm our own minds from Disney's not very wise decisions that are rumored to be occurring regarding the Clone Wars and the destruction of Lucas Arts, I now have the list of Greatest Star Wars Characters 70-61. Enjoy folks.

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Watto was a Toydarian junk dealer who lived in the planet Tatooine and owned Shmi Skywalker and his son, Anakin. Watto ultimately looses Anakin after betting on a podrace with Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, and later sells Shmi to moisture farmer, Cliegg Lars. While Watto's relevance to the overall story of Star Wars is rather a minor one, he still gets to show up here, partly because well, ''he lost everything.''
69.Admiral Piett
Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral.
Admiral Piett was the last admiral of the Executor, and was personally under the command of Darth Vader. He was lucky enough to have survived from Vader's anger, unlike his colleagues Captain Needa and Admiral Ozzel. He still met his demise, like most of the Empire's fleet, at the Battle of Endor. 
68.Owen Lars
Despite appearing in 3 of the 6 Star Wars films, Owen Lars was never a very important character in the Star Wars universe. Nevertheless, Owen is responsible for taking care of young Luke all the way until he was a young adult. He is a step brother to Anakin Skywalker due to his father, Cliegg Lars, marrying Anakin's mother, Shmi Skywalker. I have yet to find a valid reason as to why Owen hates so much Obi-Wan in A New Hope.
67.Mas Amedda
Mas Amedda is one of the quiet villains of the Star Wars universe. He was the Vice Chair of the Galactic Senate, and he undeniably knew and helped Palpatine in his quest for galactic domination. Amedda was one of the few whom Palpatine didn't dispose off as his plan of Sith domination continued. At least, that's what we know off by Revenge of the Sith.
Part of what the Clone Wars has dedicated itself to has been to show the point of view of the clone troopers, hence relating to what the shows title is about. Most of this has been shown through the point of view of Domino Squad, and it's now sole survivor, Fives. Fives became a Clone Cadet after the team managed to pass the graduation test and was later assigned to the Rishi Moon Outpost. He later became an ARC Trooper after the Battle of Kamino, and continued to serve in the Republic Military in the mission to the Citadel Prison, and in the Battle of Umbara.
Dave Filoni, supervisor and director of The Clone Wars, once said that certain characters can say only a few words, like Boba Fett, and they instantly become the coolest character. Embo is a representation of that type of character. He is one of those guys who is hard to identify as either good or bad, and stands mostly in the grey area. He protected once a group of farmers from being raided by pirates, and in another arc he was part of the team that was going to kidnap Palpatine. Much like Boba Fett, it's difficult to know what the guy is thinking, and his design itself is strange. His hat is at the same time a boomerang type weapon, and man was his fight with Savage Opress awesome!!!
64. Dengar
Dengar is a mysterious character himself when he first appears in Empire Strikes Back, just like all of the other bounty hunters referred as scum by Admiral Piett. He becomes a much more interesting character once he is introduced in the Clone Wars even by going as far as to courting the bald and beautiful Asajj Ventress.
Bossk was another bounty hunter living during the Empire's rule, whom was also a companion of Dengar and Boba Fett in Empire. As a Trandoshan, we can predict that his sworn enemy is Chewbacca, or the Wookies in general. He, like Dengar, is shown in the Clone Wars, acting as a type of guardian to Boba Fett after his father Jango died.
62.Boss Nass
Boss Nass is incredibly funny, and also kind of disgusting when he spits at you. Boss Nass helps the Jedi at first with a Bongo to use as a transport to pass through the planet core, and later joins the Naboo in the struggle to free the planet from the hands of the Trade Federation. Boss Nass later appears briefly at the end of Sith, looking sad in Queen Amidala's funeral. 
61.Barriss Offee
Barriss made a brief cameo appearance in Attack of the Clones, and she is fleshed out more fully as a character in the Clone Wars, specifically in her own friendship with Ahsoka. She later apparently turns to the dark side and bombs the Jedi Temple, which yields a chain of events that end up revealing the fate of Ahsoka (Spoiler alert). Barriss is another of the characters seen in the Clone Wars whose fate is different from the EU.

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