viernes, 11 de enero de 2013

Missing in Action Review

The hatedom from hateboy nation and some casual Star Wars fans managed to lower down once we got to see the episode of the Clone Commando, Gregor.

The episode was great in its dynamic effort to bring a clone who had suffered from amnesia and was working as a dishwasher, into eventually, with the help of R2 and Colonel Gascon, bring back his memory and make him a fantastic soldier. I mean, the guy did the work of like 14 soldiers and managed to help the D-Squad escape from Abafar.

Dave Filoni hinted in the commentary of the episode that Gregor might have survived, so we will have to wait and see for tomorrow's episode to find out what exactly happened. Still, even if he didn't survive, Gregor will come down as one of my favorite clone troopers from this season, and this episode will come down as one of the best in the season.

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