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Shades of Reason Review

The plan is now sprung into action. Black Sun, the Pykes and Savage attack the ports of Mandalore in  a plot to make Death Watch look as the heroes of Mandalore, and poor Duchess Satine be seen as a weak one. And it worked. Brilliantly. 

Ultimately I guess that one of the reasons George wanted to set this episode up in the first place, was to use the conquest of Mandalore by Death Watch as a foreshadowing element to what will take place in Revenge of the Sith. Pre Vizsla is seen by the people as some type of hero, similar to how Palpatine was seen as a hero after he had supposedly been ''scared and deformed'' by the Jedi. At the end of the day, however, Vizsla's rule comes to an end, thanks in part for his foolish pride, and for not killing Maul when he had the chance. 

Savage acted less like an idiot, as he had in the previous episode, and did more impressive things this time. Maul on the other hand, did the predictable thing: He realizes that he can't rule Mandalore, in great part because he looks too much like the devil, and is going to scare everyone else, so he needed someone to act as his puppet ruler, in this case, the corrupt Prime Minister Almec. And now that Darth Maul is the current Mandalorian, his character has risen to an even more ''cool'' state. 

The fight between Pre Vizsla and Maul proved to be one of the best we have seen so far, and despite the fact that Vizsla is a great warrior and sword fighter, he simply is no match for a Sith Lord. He died somewhat honorably to be honest, and what let to his downfall was his pride. Bo-Katan comes to her senses and realizes that she doesn't want to be ruled by a monster like Maul, and decides to rebel against the Maul Mandalorians. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that Bo-Katan is becoming too much like Ventress, in the sense that they are both female characters how are changing for better. 

Duchess Satine's wish to have Mandalore free of corruption and war ultimately led to the fall of her own government. As much as I like the character, she simply should have foreshadowed the takeover of Death Watch, and should have armed herself when she had time. However, I don't want to be too bad with the Duchess, and we do have to recognize that she was smart in not underestimating Maul's power, unlike Bo-Katan. 

As far as tone and emotion is concerned, this episode has been by far the closest we have been to Episode III. It's only a sign that this war and this show, are coming to a close. 

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