domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013

The Jedi Who Knew Too Much Review

Sadly, Ahsoka is being set up by some Jedi in order to arrest her and not find out who killed Letta or bombed the Jedi Temple. By the looks of things, Tarkin is working for Palpatine/Sidious in order to carry out his plans of disenfranchising the Jedi Order. How the pieces of the puzzle are put, is something we don't yet know the answers to.

Anakin is of course, worried about the situation and wants to help Ahsoka. Ahsoka on the other hand, has to find out who set her up in order to clear her good name. I really hate Admiral Tarkin at this point, showing he was always the villain we see in A New Hope. One thing that called my attention was how the detention cell was very reminiscent to the first Death Star. It brings to mind how much the rise of the Empire is taking place at this point, and how the Republic is being transformed into a militaristic and shadowy tyranny.

I wonder if the Jedi won't be conducting as many battles against the Separatists as they used to. I also wonder how Order 66 factors into all of this, with Rex clearly showing she cares for Ahsoka. Fox on the other hand, probably shot someone when Order 66 got carried out. I also liked the fact about how Yoda talked about being luminous beings and how our bodies are a mere vessel. It really brings to mind Empire, and brings to mind the one of the central philosophies of Star Wars: the fact that we are spiritual beings.

We will have to wait until next week to see how Ahsoka figures out the mystery.

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