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The Top 100 Greatest Star Wars characters- 100-91

I wanted to create a list of what I personally considered to be the Top 100 Greatest Star Wars Characters. This particularly came to my mind once I saw the Top 100 Star Wars Characters in IGN and I noticed the prevalence that the EU and Episodes IV-VI had over the Clone Wars and Episodes I-III was astonishing. It seemed to me as if they were pleasing the hateboy nation by NOT including Jar Jar, and such. So, in order to bring more justice to this ranking, I decided to create my own, one in which the characters of both trilogies are of equal consideration, and have a level of prevalence to the Clone Wars, due to the fact that well, they ARE the films. One thing you will not see here will be EU characters set in the times of the Old Republic and characters set after Return of the Jedi. I want to concentrate on the time-period close to the films as much as possible.

Anyway, it is very likely that you will not find some characters that maybe you think deserve to be on the list, and others that you think don't deserve to be in it at all. And even though this is a personal list, I in no way tried to be biased by my favorite characters and such when making up this list, but tried to follow them more on story importance and other factors. If you disagree with any ranking, feel free to discuss it here, respectfully of course.

I will start by releasing 10 characters for 10 consecutive weeks until we reach the top 10. Stay tuned people!!

100. Boga
Boga was one of the several alien, non-sentient creatures that was introduced in the films. What makes this Varactyl different from the Rancor, the Acklay, and the Reek was that this was a creature that had a sense of grace and beauty, unlike the others who were pretty ugly if you ask me. Boga ulitmately helps Obi-Wan defeat General Grievous on Utapau, but sadly falls into a lake-pit with Obi-Wan once Cody commands Order 66. One of the most memorable creatures in the Star Wars universe.
99. Clone 99
That's right folks, character 99 is actually a character named well, 99. This malformed clone from Jango Fett never had the chance to fight within the ranks of the army. But despite his physical disabilities-or perhaps because of them- the guy has a great heart and gives wise advice, which ultimately is what led Domino Squad to pass the clone trials. Once the Separatists attack Kamino, he gives everything he has to help his fellow brothers, and dies while trying to deliver ammunition to Rex, Cody, Echo and Fives. Rex and Cody later mourn the death of 99, remembering him as a true soldier.Indeed, it's not always the most physically capable soldier that are the best, it's often the bravest and the one with the best intentions. And that my friends, is how 99 is.
98. Nuvo Vindi
Dr Nuvo Vindi is the mad scientist of the Star Wars universe, who creates a secret base in the swamp of Naboo, with the help of the Separatists, to revive and release the eradicated Blue Shadow Virus. Ahsoka and Padme do what they can to prevent the virus from being released into Naboo-all the more worrying Anakin to find the antidote fast. Vindi makes for a compelling and insane villain, one we haven't really seen in the Star Wars universe before. 
97. Colonel Meebur Gascon

Colonel Gascon was part of the Strategic Command of the Republic since the Battle of Geonosis. He commanded a series of R2 units and a pit droid in a mission to recover an encryption module. Some people really hated the character, practically for the same reasons they hated Jar Jar. Still, the little guy proved to be a great leader, who motivated Gregor into returning to be a Clone Commando, and ultimately with the help of R2, stop a Republic cruiser loaded with Raydonium from killing a bunch of people. 
96. Lobot
Lobot is one of those guys who didn't really do much in the films. He only appeared for a few minutes in Empire, and was mostly a mysterious character for the most part. Lobot was a human cyborg who served Lando Calrissian as computer liaison officer of Cloud City. Ultimately, if it isn't for him, Leia and Chewie would have ended up going to Coruscant, or who knows where with Darth Vader. So, we have to thank Lobot for saving our heroes. 
95. Korkie Kryze 
Duchess Satine's nephew helped unravel the corrupt dealings of the former Prime Minister Almec, way back in Season 3. He returned, looking somewhat older, to help out her aunt again escape prison and make her contact the Jedi Council. Too bad poor Korkie helped put in motion the plan that eventually killed his aunt. 
94. Rush Clovis

There are few people that Anakin probably hates more than this guy. Rush Clovis, senator representing the Intergalactic Banking Clan, once had a romance with Padme. Anakin didn't take it lightly when Padme was forced to spy on him in order to find out if he was involved with the Separatists-and indeed he was. He along with Lott Dodd and Poggle the Lesser, where founding a new droid factory on Geonosis. Eventually, Padme manages to steel the information of the factory and have Clovis in trouble with the Separatists. We still don't know how he manages to survive and show up in some future episode-one which Anakin will apparently try to choke him. 
93. Lott Dodd
According to Lott Dodd, senator of the Republic representing the interests of the Trade Federation, Nute Gunray is an ''extremist'' and says that his views don't represent those of the Federation. Like any corrupt politican in the real world, the guy secretly works on the agenda of Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He always seeks to continue the war to gain more profit, help the Sith carry out their plans, and is constantly attacking honorable senators in the Republic like Bail Organa and Mon Mothma. Even though he had a brief appearance in Phantom Menace, Dodd's fate remains uncertain, and could meet his demise in the Clone Wars. 
92. Tarfful 
Tarfful was a general of Kashyyyk who helped defend his homeworld from the Separatists during the Clone Wars. He was a close friend of Chewbacca's, who saved him and Ahsoka from being hunted down by Trandoshans. He would later on help Yoda survive Order 66 and escape Kashyyyk. 
91. Latts Razzi 
Latts Razzi was a female Theelin bounty hunter in the time of The Clone Wars. She recruited Asajj Ventress into joining a team of bounty hunters, which included Dengar, Boba Fett and Bossk, into completing a mission they were tasked to make. She became a close friend of Ventress, and was very skilled the use of her scaled boa, which was used for more than just fashion.

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