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The Style and Tone of the next Star Wars films

One of the biggest questions that come up with Episode VII and beyond, have to do with how the style and tone of the next films will be. And this question folks, may be one of the most important. Let me explain why. 

Pretty much ever since this film was announced, several fans have wanted the next trilogy of Star Wars to be basically, a repeating formula of the Original trilogy,
The Empire Strikes Back on steroids. Even in this article from USA Today, the presence of that feeling is evidently clear: 

''"Abrams is a better marketer than he is a filmmaker, and he has very specific ideas about how to market his stuff," Faraci explains. "They will want to re-assure audiences that Abrams is doing old-school Star Wars, not the prequels, and they'll need to release lots of information for that to happen.''''

This is the stuff I talk about, folks. About the moronic hateboys who call themselves ''Star Wars fans'' but don't like half of the films in the saga, and who don't even understand what Star Wars is about. A particular portion of the Star Wars fans, ACTUAL fans who also have blogs similar to mine, have shared the fear that Lucasfilm ''postponed the release of Episodes II and III because everything else that is coming now will pretend as if Episodes I-III never happened.'' While I understand their paranoia, at the same time, the hateboys dream is not likely to come true. Here are the reasons why: 

George Lucas cemented early in the making of Star Wars that each trilogy would encompass different themes. Episodes I-III were going to be mainly about politics, Episodes IV-VI about a hero's journey and Episodes VII-IX would be about moral and philosophical problems. Already two-thirds of this statement has become true. Episodes I-III, besides focusing on Anakin's transformation into Vader, focused on how the Sith, in particular Palpatine, managed to manipulate a series of events in the galaxy that leaded him to go from Senator to Chancellor and eventually, as Emperor. Episodes IV-VI focused on the journey of Luke Skywalker, from a simple farm boy to a Jedi Knight, while at the same dealing with Darth Vader's redemption. Perhaps the single biggest thing we know about the next trilogy is that, since the story treatments will come from George, he will likely stem the details and the story from this general idea. So, at the end of the day, the next series of Star Wars films will be neither the originals nor the prequels, they will be the sequels. They will be their own thing. What moral and philosophical problems will the films center on, is the question. 

In fact, if you were to ask me simply based on the general idea of what the films will be about, I would say that the most interesting of all the topics would be the one of the final trilogy. So, who knows, only time will tell if it lives up to being part of the same universe we have grown to love in Star Wars, but at the same time, be unique and tell a different story.

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