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Casting Call from Episode VII Confirmed

Bryan Young from Big Shiny Robot and Eric Geller from TheForce.Net have officially confirmed after contact with a Lucasfilm employee that the casting call the website Schmoes Know leaked is the one from Episode VII. It's one of the very few rumors confirmed to be true of the film. 

Let's take a look at it: 
Tuesday, Jun. 18, 2013, 9:00 AM Pacific
Feature Film
Walt Disney Pictures/LucasFilm/Bad Robot
Executive Producer: Tommy Harper
Producers: Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrams, Bryan Burk
Director: JJ Abrams
Writers: Michael Arndt
Casting Directors: April Webster, Alyssa Weisberg & Nina Gold
Casting Associate: Jessica Sherman
Casting Assistant: Rachel Dill
Start Date: Early 2014
Location: UK
[YOUNG MAN] Early 20s.  Not classically handsome.  He is witty and smart.  Physically fit.
[MAN] Late 20s.  Physically fit, handsome and confident.
[YOUNG WOMAN] Late teens.  Physically fit, independent and with a great sense of humor.
[YOUNG WOMAN #2] Late teens.  Tough, smart, physically fit.
[MAN - 40S] Physically fit, military type.
[MAN - 30ISH] An intellectual.
[MAN - 65-75] Tough and opinionated.

We can infer a couple of things from this casting call:

1. The story treatments and characters likely came from George Lucas, given the fact that none of those descriptions fit already established EU characters.

2. The EU post ROTJ is essentially toast at this point. Not only do none of those descriptions fit the children of Leia and Han Solo, but also none of them fit the description of Luke's wife, Mara Jade. It is either because they have already cast an actor to play the role of Luke's wife (be Mara Jade or not), she is not going to show up in the film (either Luke is single or a widow) or her character's description is simply not on the casting call.

This is good news I guess, in the sense that the EU won't be a determining factor in the plot and story of the films, and is instead a product of George Lucas's imagination and possibly Michael Arndt. Here we only have 7 roles on a movie that will likely have as cast leading roles of anywhere from 12-19 actors. With Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford having all but confirmed their roles, and with the extremely likely possibility of the Droids being back, including maybe Peter Mayhew and Billy Dee Williams, we have approximately 14 characters in the can. So, from the looks of things, Mara Jade is not likely to be in the film.

However, their is one thing that worries me from the casting call, at it's the fact that their is no female role that could be considered for the Nightsisters. So it does beg the question: Who the hell is going to be the villain? A Sith can't be, or else you are destroying the purpose of the previous films. Something's got a give folks. At the same time, we don't know if they have already cast the female villain that would be the role of the head Nightsister.

Let's just hope that the villain issue is figured out, and that somehow, in someway, we are NOT throwing out the Prophecy of the Chosen One out the window. Or else, Michael Arndt and JJ have some explaining to do.

Does anyone have any idea of a male villain that could work and NOT be a Sith? Share your thoughts. 

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