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Possible Villains in Star Wars Rebels

I have to say that ever since the announcement of the new animated series Star Wars: Rebels, my mind has gone wild. Literally. Their is so much potential for this series set between Episodes III and IV. Heck, I am WAY more excited about this series than I am for Episode VII. 

So, lets take a look at possible villains that may appear in Star Wars: Rebels.

The Empire
Their is no doubting it. If this show is set in the dark times, and were dealing with The Empire hunting down the last of the Jedi, one name that automatically comes to mind is: Darth Vader. We know from The Force Unleashed and Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader that he hunted down the survivors of Order 66. He should certainly have a main role in the upcoming show. We could get to know more about how he is seeking a new apprentice in order to overthrow Palpatine, and how he has been forced to deal with the death of Padme. Oh, and please we need James Earl Jones back!!!!
As far as Palpatine, I guess he will appear like he did on Clone Wars, which was more of an occasional appearance. As far as who will voice him, we'll see if Tim Curry will be cast again, or if another actor will make the more toad-like voice of Sidious. 
It would be interesting to see what they do with the Stormtroopers in this show. They are pretty much a mystery in Episodes 4, 5 and 6, so it should be interesting to see what's behind the mask for the first time. How many are still clones of Jango Fett? How many are recruited humans? And which former clones are now stormtroopers? Rex? Cody? Fox? Wolffe? That would be interesting to see in the show, as well as it would help answer questions that were left unanswered in Clone Wars. 
Grand Moff Tarkin 
Tarkin was central to 2 arcs of the Clone Wars. We got to see how within the Republic, the guy went from being a Captain to an Admiral, and how he was starting to outrank the Jedi as the war passed. He appears in a cameo in Sith in which he oversees the construction of the Death Star. Their is plenty of more development that can be done with the character. 
Boba Fett
Boba Fett is obviously a candidate that will very likely show up in this series. He could go on missions to hunt down Jedi or even work with other bounty hunters. We could get to see better the bridge between the Boba Fett of Episode II and The Clone Wars and the Boba Fett of Episode V. 
Cad Bane
Cad Bane is undeniably going to compete with Boba Fett over who is the greatest bounty hunter of the galaxy. I mean, common, we need this cowboy back!!
Hondo Ohnaka
Hondo isn't technically a villain anyway, but he could still be included in this category. Hondo is a likely candidate to show up, due to the spoiler our friend Dave Filoni left us on a Season 5 interview with Eric Goldman of IGN: " I could see him hanging out with a young kid Han Solo at some point -- not on our show, but just in the future I think they’d be a natural duo. You know, Hondo asking, “Who’s this kid, this young guy running around with a Wookiee?” He fits so well together in that world, and I think that’s why we like Hondo."Make it happen Dave!!
Mother Talzin
What's Talzin's deal? What is her plan in the bigger scheme of things in the Star Wars universe? If the bonus content can't answer this, then this upcoming show should, at least in some way. Why did she resurrect Maul? What are her interests? 
Jabba the Hutt
The giant space slug has made various appearances in Clone Wars. It would be nice to see him this time again as he makes profit and alliances with the Empire, as we saw in the original films. 
Darth Maul
Sorry folks, were not done with Maul. As a Sith Lord, now being used by Sidious for mysterious purposes, it's possible that he might have been locked down or frozen in carbonite while the events of Episode III take place. Will Sidious use him again? Will he go off and try to enact his final revenge on Obi-Wan once and for all? Only time will tell, folks. 

Several more vilains, both old and new, could make an appearance in the upcoming show. However, these guys are undeniably the most important ones, that we would love to see as an audience. 

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